Haymans History

Haymans Plantation was established on this site in 1649 after a purchase of smaller plantations by Henry Haymans a planter from England. Sugar cane was grown on the fields surrounding the Plantation, harvested and bought to this location to be processed into sugar by passing it through a number of machines to crush, boil and extract the golden sugar.
Over the years the location through many owners would have transformed from a simple wind driven mill and open boiling operation to a sophisticated electrified modern factory of its time.
Factory operations came to an end in 1988 when the factory closed its doors due to the changing state of the Sugar Industry in Barbados and over the years lay in a state of disrepair and abandonment.  Its grounds and buildings were used as garages for equipment being used to harvest sugar and the factory machinery was removed and sold off leaving an empty shell.
In 2020 the factory was purchased by Sun Group Investments Inc. and our Chairman
Bernard Weatherhead announced the factory would be repurposed and transformed to a space combining living, learning, entertainment, retail shops and a market attraction for all to enjoy.